Charges filed against Daniel student for disturbing school

CENTRAL — The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has charged a 16 year old student from Daniel High School for statements made to other classmates in the presence of a school faculty member. The incident occurred on Friday, October 18.

The School Resource Officer along with school administration was notified to respond to a classroom on the morning of October 18, at the request of a teacher to investigate alarming statements made by a student in the presence of the teacher.

The student, who is a juvenile, was immediately removed from the classroom and subsequently suspended pending an expulsion hearing which was held on Thursday, October 24 by the Pickens County School District.

The Sheriff’s Office has conducted an investigation which has resulted in the student being charged this morning with Disturbing Schools and Breach of Peace. During the investigation, several students along with the faculty member were interviewed as a part of the investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office is not able to discuss the specifics of this case prior to it being heard in Family Court but can confirm that the charges stem from statements being made about the potential use of hazardous devices and firearms. No specific student was identified or targeted as a potential victim.

The Sheriff’s Office confirms that the student has not been allowed back into the school since the incident and that no weapons or contraband was ever brought or found on school property.

The juvenile will appear before a Family Court Judge later today at which time he will review the case and make a decision concerning the status of the Defendant.