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Is the truth out there?

First, a Chinese spy balloon flies right over our heads. Then an $80 million fighter jet vanishes over our airspace.

Such weird occurrences in South Carolina surely put us in the crosshairs of the search for UFOs.

OK, that’s a stretch. But why shouldn’t the state that produced the legendary Lizard Man of Lee County be the most likely place for close encounters of the third kind?

You might think I’m making light of the possibility of extraterrestrial aircraft tooling around in

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Courier Letters to the Editor

Something different

Dear Editor,

Now for something different.

I just wanted to share some thoughts with all of you. As I’ve heard it said of life, we all wear two faces. One face we wear in the public to show off. The other we wear at home among our families.

The two faces are always said to be worlds apart. That is very true. The family knows us like no other human does, that’s for sure! Only God

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Libraries celebrate Constitution Week

Shown are photos from area libraries decorated for Constitution Week by Fort Prince George Chapter DAR regent Carolyn Nations. The DAR appreciates everyone’s support in helping make the worthwhile project possible and allows so the children can go read about the Constitution and pick up pencils, bells and handouts with fun activities. The displays are available at the Central-Clemson, Easley, Liberty and Pickens libraries for families and children. There will be information tables at each library with lots of free items with fun things to do.

Community Calendar 9-27-23

• Amazing Grace to host homecoming

On Oct. 1, Amazing Grace Fellowship will be celebrating homecoming. Amazing Grace Fellowship is located at 229 Pearl St. in Pickens. EDIFY will be singing during the Sunday School Hour starting at 10:15 a.m. The Rev. Roger Stephens will be the special speaker, followed

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Bunton speaks to LCSB

Mary Anne Bunton, chair of the Anderson University Board of Trust, and her husband, Ray Bunton, were the guests of the Liberty Community Scholarship Board at a recent morning coffee meeting with former Liberty Community Scholarship recipients Jaida Smith (2020), Lexy Whitaker (2022) and Millie Bigbee (2023), all accomplished young women who are currently pursuing degrees at Anderson University. Bunton is in the center, standing with Smith on the left, Whitaker on the right and Bigbee second from right. Bunton’s service is in evidence in small and large ways across Upstate communities, as she has been a member of the Anderson University Board of Trust for more than three decades. Not pictured are scholarship winner Gabriela Juan (2022) and Carla Stone, First Citizens Bank vice president and honorary board member.

Courier Comics, Puzzles and Games 9-27-23

Courier Classifieds 9-27-23


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Courier Trespass Notices 9-27-23

Courier Trespass Notices 9-27-23

In the state of South Carolina, trespass after notice is a misdemeanor criminal offense prohibited by section 16-11-620 for the South Carolina Code.
Those who enter upon the lands of others without the permission of the owner or manager shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor trespassing. All persons are hereby notified and warned not to hunt, fish, cut timber or trespass in any manner whatsoever upon the lands of

Courier Notice to Creditors 9-27-23


All persons having claims against the following estates MUST file their claims on Form #371ES with the Probate Court of PICKENS COUNTY, the address of which is 222 MCDANIEL AVE., B-16 PICKENS, SC 29671, within eight (8) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors or within one (1) year from date of death, whichever is earlier (SCPC 62-3-801, et seq.), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements on the prescribed form (FORM #371ES) indicating the name and address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed, the date when the claim will become due, the nature of any uncertainty as to the claim, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: John Parker Haskett, Jr.

Courier legal Notices 9-27-23


CASE NO. 2023-CP-39-00274

BY VIRTUE of a decree heretofore granted in the case of South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority against Jacob Crenshaw and Rebekah Alicia Bailey et al., I, the Master in Equity for Pickens County, will sell on Monday, October 2, 2023, at 11:00 o’clock a.m., at the Pickens County Courthouse, Pickens, South Carolina, to the highest bidder: