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The pursuit of happiness

The Fourth of July is over for another year. The hot dogs are all eaten, watermelon rinds litter the park, the fireworks have all exploded and my dog is still hiding under the bed. I was feeling a little melancholy, so I sat down on the back porch with a glass of iced tea to read the Declaration of Independence. It always makes me happy.

I came across the sentence in the Declaration of Independence that guarantees the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I understand the life and liberty part, but what does the pursuit of happiness really mean?

Since what makes one person happy, may not make another person happy, I

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Letters to the Editor 7-14-21

A defense of fireworks

Dear Editor,

July 3, 1776 — John Adams wrote home to his wife Abigail: “July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I believe it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and

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Learning to see through our spiritual eyes

The life of David in the Bible is one of the more popular stories in the Christian faith. Of all the individuals other than Christ, I would guess there have been more messages about him than any other character within the word of God.

There is a huge difference between the way we observe and judge with our natural senses and the way God perceives everything through His perfect spiritual wisdom and the key to our success is learning to see as God sees.

We begin our story in I Samuel, where Samuel is a powerful prophet and is

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Courier Obituaries 7-14-21


CENTRAL — Janet Carol Smith Holladay, 72, of Six Mile Highway, died on Friday, July 2, 2021, at Fleetwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Easley.

Born in Liberty, she was the widow of Franklin Douglas Holladay and the daughter of the late Harrison and Eula Nicholson Smith. She was a

homemaker and a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

Surviving are two sons, Brad Holladay of the home and Brian Charles “Chuck” Holladay and his wife, Pam, of Six Mile; two stepdaughters, Teresa Dearnley and her husband, Karl, of Denver, N.C., and Vickie Holladay, formerly of Central; a

Thinking Outside the House

What to know about outdoor living spaces

Home trends come and go. What was popular as recently as a decade ago may have lost some luster in the eyes of today’s home buyers. Though that’s historically been the case in regard to real estate, outdoor living rooms are one relatively recent home trend that figures to have a longer shelf life, especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic during which people were encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

Real estate professionals and organizations like the National Association of Home Builders note the popularity of outdoor living spaces among prospective home buyers, and how that popularity has grown in recent years. Outdoor living rooms not only appeal to potential buyers, they also serve as a means for current homeowners to get more out of their properties. Homeowners mulling outdoor living space projects should consider various factors before deciding to go ahead with a project.

  • Cost: The home renovation resource HomeAdvisor estimates that the average cost of an outdoor living space is around $7,600. That cost can easily go up depending on where homeowners live and the features they want to have in their outdoor living spaces. For example, including a built-in fire pit in an outdoor living space will cost more than purchasing a stand-alone fire pit that can be picked up and moved. But many homeowners feel a built-in fire pit makes an outdoor living space even more special.
  • Return on investment: Return on investment is another factor for homeowners to consider as they try to decide if they should install outdoor living spaces and how to design those areas. Much conflicting data about the ROI on outdoor kitchens can be found online, but many trusted real estate organizations report that such additions do not mesmerize prospective buyers. Data from the American Institute of Architects indicates that outdoor kitchens are routinely ranked among the least desirable home features, which means homeowners should not expect substantial ROI when selling their homes. But that built-in fire pit? Estimates from the National Association of Realtors suggest fire features recover around 67 percent of homeowners’ initial investment. In addition, 83 percent of homeowners surveyed by the NAR who had installed fire features said they had a greater desire to be home after completing the project.
  • Space: An outdoor living space may only be as relaxing as the space allows. The proximity of neighbors may affect privacy levels, which can make it hard to enjoy movie night outdoors or curl up to quietly read a good book. In addition, landscaping also may need to be addressed if drainage is an issue in the backyard. That can add to the cost, and drainage concerns may limit the materials homeowners can work with.

Outdoor living spaces are popular. Homeowners must consider various factors before deciding if such spaces are for them.


How to keep gardens safe in summer heat waves

Summer is a season to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Basking in the summer sun is a great way to relax, but only when the temperatures are safe. Summer heat waves can compromise the health of human beings as well as their pets. Gardening enthusiasts also may need to go the extra mile to keep their plants and gardens from wilting under harsh summer sun.

Extreme heat stress can be very harmful to plants. The online gardening resource Gardening Know How notes that some plants can withstand

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Aptus Life gets $25K to develop a living heart valve replacement

CLEMSON — Aptus Life LLC announced recently that it secured a $25,000 grant from the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation (ERHF) of Clemson.

Aptus Life’s objective is to develop a replacement heart valve for infants, children and young adults that would last their entire lifetime without the need for blood thinning medication or additional valve replacement procedures. This aligns with ERHF’s mission “to change the future for those affected by congenital heart defects by providing support to families

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Pickens Chamber July Member of the Month

Greenbrier Farms was recently announced as the Greater Pickens Chamber of Commerce July Member of the Month. Greenbrier is a second-generation family-owned-and-operated farm spanning 330 acres in Easley. As one of the prominent working farms in Easley, Greenbrier Farms is best known for its commitment to sustainable growing practices for grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised pork and seasonal produce. The farm’s onsite event barn hosts a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, private events and Greenbrier signature events such as their annual plant sale and weekly pizza nights. They bring the farm full circle to any occasion, offering farm-to-table catering and a full-service event staff. For more information about the farm, visit or follow on Instagram and Facebook. Pictured are chamber representatives Lisa Turnick, Anna Chastain, Debbie Gravely, Liza Holder and Bryan Owens, along with Greenbrier owner Amy Bishop.

Community Calendar 7-14-21

  • Library offers reading program

This year’s summer reading theme at the Pickens County Library is “Tails and Tales.” The program began on June 7 and runs until July 31. All Pickens County residents will receive a postcard in the mail. The postcard will include a list of fun activities to complete and return to the library.

To complete the program, participants can choose to read 10 books, complete 10 activities or a combination of both

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Let the bees do the hard work

By Olivia Fowler
For the Courier

Honey is an ingredient so perfect in itself we don’t often take it any further. But these recipes make you think about honey as the super ingredient that makes all things better.

It combines well with meats, fruits, vegetables and baked goods. Most anything can be improved with a little honey.

Courier Comics and Games 7-14-21